RFP Copier

2014 Copier RFP

It is the intent of Woodhaven-Brownstown School District (“District”) to solicit proposals from qualified vendors for Copier/Printer Equipment at multiple District sites. Two (2) copies of the sealed bid should be submitted to:
Thomas Wall, Asst. Supt., Business & Support Services 
Woodhaven-Brownstown School District
24821 Hall Rd., Woodhaven, MI 48183

by Monday, 11:00 AM, local time, May 19, 2014.

The bids will be publicly opened at this time.  Proposals must contain the phrase “Copier RFP 2014” on the envelope/package.  A Vendor’s Conference will not be held. 

For a copy of the Request for Proposal, please email barnesk@wbsdweb.com
or visit this link.

Dear Potential Vendor:

Addendum #3 follows in response to a potential bidder who had the following question.  The school district's answer follows the question.  Thank you.

"We have a question on the pricing sheets in the bid.  Particularly the 60 ppm sheet.  Should we use the aggregate cost for all of the 65, 85, and color units for this sheet, or should we create three individual sheets for the three types of machines?  "

DISTRICT ANSWER:  Please copy the bid sheet and price each category of machine separately (ie., one bid sheet for 40ppm, one for 60ppm, one for color units, one for 80ppm).  The bid sheets are on pages 6 & 7 of the RFP (copy attached for your convenience).

Thank you very much.

Dear Potential Vendor:

Addendum # 2 for the Copier RFP follows:  

"Vendor is responsible and should include in their bid, the cost for removal and return of all copiers at the end of the lease."

Thank you.

Addendum #1
Dear Potential Copy Machine Vendor/Bidder:

I had a question regarding the "post-inserter" for the color machine at the Administration Building on the recent RFP for Copiers that I emailed to you:   Please note the following:

"Regarding the post-inserter for the color machine for the Administration Building:  This copier prints our union contracts, which do have color print sporadically throughout the contract booklet.  We print the contract on 11x17 paper, booklet finished, and the post inserter part puts the colored card-stock printed title cover on the union contract booklet.   We would not need the post inserter on any other machine."

Thank you.